24 June 2020

Flinders Investment Partners are pleased to announce a significant corporate transaction that is exciting for the future of our business and investors in the Flinders Emerging Companies Fund. Flinders have partnered with Warakirri Asset Management in a transaction that will see Warakirri acquire a 50% stake in our business and provide sales & distribution, administration and technology support. Importantly, this will be a smooth transition with no changes to the Fund, the way we invest or the way we go about building a portfolio of great smaller companies that provide excellent returns for our clients.

As we approach five years since starting the Fund, we are proud of the performance we’ve generated in markets that have been at times strong, weak, volatile and more recently, wild. Adhering to a consistent and rigorous investment process has been an invaluable part of navigating that period. As has our small but committed team – with the single focus of generating the best returns we possibly can from a portfolio of emerging companies.

Our partnership with Warakirri opens up a very exciting chapter for the future. A professional and successful private business with a long history of focus on their clients, they bring excellent resources to the partnership that will assist the long term growth of the business and benefit our clients and service providers.

Further detail is outlined in the media release.


Richard, Andrew and Naheed






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Flinders Investment Partners is a boutique investment management partnership specialising in the management of listed Australian small and emerging companies.

The Flinders Emerging Companies Fund provides investors with an actively managed portfolio of listed small and emerging Australian companies.

Our three founding partners have exceptional credentials in investment management, bringing combined experience of 60 years to the fund. Most importantly, our own significant investment in the Fund means our financial success is directly aligned with that of our investors.

The experience and successful track record of our investment team, combined with our in-depth proprietary research and analysis, makes us one of the top investment managers in Australian small and emerging companies.